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Time for masculinity - the seminar for men, in line with the Making Love Retreat from Diana & Michael Richardson

31.10. - 3.11.2024

Seminarhouse "Spiert Avert", Unterengadin / Switzerland

I’m grateful that you’re interested in the retreat for men. That makes me happy!

You can easily register via our online registration form.

This seminar is based on the work of Diana & Michael Richardson and is designed exclusively for men.
It offers you a space where you can connect with your own masculinity in a natural and relaxed way.
You will gain insights into the fundamental structures that can influence or block your sexuality.
You will look in depth at your conditioned attitudes and thought patterns – which prepares the ground for real change. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how experienced you are.
Far away from established sex tips, you will gain a new perspective on being a man and the thinking what a man is supposed to be.
Do you feel that “more should be possible” when it comes to sex?
Would you like to know what you can do to experience your sexuality in a more fulfilling way?
Would you like to know what you should stop doing to make your sexuality more fulfilling?
Do you wish you could open up more as a man?
Do you feel restricted by your ingrained understanding of sex?
Do you want to delve deeper into your body world?
Are erection problems or premature orgasm bothering you?
Would you like to get to the bottom of these things in a protected setting, in an atmosphere of absolute confidentiality?

Then I would like to welcome you to the men’s retreat!

31.10. - 3.11.2024 im Seminarhouse "Spiert Avert" in Unterengadin, Switzerland

This seminar house is the perfect place for our men’s retreat! It is located on the edge of the tranquil Grisons village of Tschlin and is run by the Spiert Avert cooperative.
At Spiert Avert, the focus is on inner growth and respectful interaction with nature and between people.
Open for courses on holistic health, yoga & meditation, music, dance and various therapies, the house benefits from its proximity to wild nature. The surrounding mountains – mighty, protective and nourishing!

Room- and Seminarprice

Seminarprice 440CHF per person
Roomprice 100€ per night and per person – full board

Max is looking forward to accompanying you on this unique journey. Dive in and explore.

As the seminar provider, he will take care of all aspects of organization and booking, including room reservations.

If you have any questions, such as how to get there, please take a look at the frequently asked questions.

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  3. Completion

Frequently asked Questions:

When does the seminar in the "Spiert Avert" start and when exactly does it end?

The men’s retreat at “Spiert Avert” starts on the day of arrival at 16:00, arrivals are possible from 14:00 (please not earlier).

The end of the retreat is at 11:00 on the last day.

How exactly does the registration process work?

  • Simply fill out the form online.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Max.
  • Transfer the seminar fee and answer a short questionnaire.
  • Congratulations, you are now fully registered!
  • Max is looking forward to meeting you soon.

How big is the group in the "Spiert Avert"?

A comfortable number of participants in the “Spiert Avert” is a maximum of 11 men.

How much does it cost to take part in the men's retreat?

The seminar fee for the men’s seminar is 440CHF per person.

In addition, there are costs for accommodation and meals of 100CHF per person and night – full board.

What is the best way to travel to Tschlin to the "Haus Spiert Avert"?

If you would like to travel by public transport, your final stop is:

Tschlin, cumün


If you are traveling by car, the address is

Seminar house Spiert Avert

Somvih 60, 7559 Tschlin


In which language is the men's retreat held?

Max teaches this retreat in Switzerland in English, with translation as appropriate.

Do I have to have already attended a "Making Love" retreat to take part?

No, you do not need to have attended a Making Love retreat to take part in the men’s retreat.

It is of course an advantage if you have read Diana Richardson’s books, for example, and can immerse yourself much more deeply.

What is Making Love's approach?

All the exercises, meditations and knowledge we share with you are aimed at reawakening and promoting this awareness in your own body – conscious presence in your own body.

We show the difference between “conventional” sex – with tension, seduction, intense stimulation and climax – and “conscious” sex in an environment of warm, loving, fulfilling relaxation that has no goal orientation.

Through this retreat, participants can experience a deep journey of healing.


Max Muzio

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