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The Making Love Retreat®

21. - 28. September 2024

Argayall, La Gomera

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Making Love Retreat in September 2024!

  • The retreat takes place in “Argayall” on the Canary Island of La Gomera.
  • The seminar fee is 1080EUR per person. (plus board and lodging)

You can easily register via our online registration form.

From 21 to 28 September 2024 in Argayall, La Gomera.

Finca Argayall is located in a quiet, remote bay in the south of the Canary Island of Gomera. The seminar center, which has been running for almost three decades, is located directly by the sea. It has a beautiful permaculture garden with tropical flair and an idyllic, large pool. 

Beautiful double rooms in various price categories are available as guest rooms or garden cottages. The largely organic vegetarian food is served three times a day at the buffet. A mild summer climate allows swimming in the sea at practically any time of year.

Finca Argayall creates an atmosphere in which you can feel at home and find peace and relaxation.

Escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in a transformative journey at Argayall. Connect with your inner self in the midst of the fascinating nature of the Canary Islands.

Basic rooms

Pyramide hut 69€ per night and per person
A-Frame hut 69€ per night and per person
Room with garden view 69€ per night and per person
Shared bathrooms

Standard rooms

Room 84€ per night and per person
Private bathroom

Comfort rooms

Studio 90€ per night and per person
Private bathroom
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Drop your file here or click here to upload

Drop your file here or click here to upload

If you have any questions, please have a look at the frequently asked questions.

We look forward to accompanying you on this unique journey. Immerse yourself and explore. As a seminar provider, we take care of all aspects of organization and booking, including room reservations.

If you have any questions, please take a look at the frequently asked questions or contact us directly.

Frequently asked questions

How exactly does the registration process work?

  • Simply fill in the form online.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from us.
  • Transfer the deposit and answer a short questionnaire.
  • Congratulations, you are now fully registered!
  • You will receive a confirmation of participation with the final invoice.
  • We look forward to meeting you soon.

When does the seminar in the "Finca Argayall" start and when exactly does it end?

The Making Love Retreat at “Argayall” starts on arrival at 18:00.

The retreat ends on the last day with lunch at 13:30.

How many participants are there in the "Finca Argayall"?

The number of participants in the “Argayall” is limited to a maximum of 16 couples.

The Making Love Retreat is not a group process. We encourage each couple to stay away from too much social engagement during these days in order to deepen the personal experience.

The focus is on you as a couple and on you as an individual – the group is merely a space for resonance, an invitation to exchange ideas and an enrichment of diversity.

How much does it cost to take part in the "Finca Argayall"?

The seminar fee for the Making Love Retreat at “Argayall” is 1080 euros per person for 7 days.

In addition, there are costs for accommodation and meals, which can be found on the registration form.

What is the best way to travel to the "Finca Argayall"?

Fly to Tenerife South (TFS).

To arrive in Argayall on the same day, choose a flight where you arrive in Tenerife South before 12:00 on the day of arrival. This is important in order to be there in time for the start of the retreat.
From Tenerife South you go to the harbor of Los Christianos (there are other harbor towns in Tenerife!), from there to la Gomera, then on to the “Valle Gran Rei” and then the last part to Argayall.
The easiest way to get from Tenerife South to Valle Gran Rei on the same day is with the transportation provider “Mesabusses”.

Click here to book a complete package online.

If it is not possible to arrive before 12:00, travel to Tenerife one day earlier and spend the night there.
For an overnight stay in Tenerife it is better to take the 9:30 Olsen + 10:20 Benchi Express (Olsen) ferry. It is best to book online. Then you will be here around 12:00.

In which language is the course held at the "Finca Argayall"?

At the “Finca Argayall “, we teach exclusively in English, without translation.

The topic sex is very personal, how is the space of intimacy preserved?

A safe and contained space where privacy and boundaries are respected at all times is guaranteed at all times.

There will be no sexual activity or nudity in the group.

And of course, all more intimate couple exercises will take place in the privacy of your own room!

If couples voluntarily talk about their experiences, everyone is bound by a confidentiality agreement to keep the information confidential.

Are there any special requirements for participation?

No special preparations or prerequisites are necessary.

However, as the retreat at “Argayall” is only taught in English, a good knowledge of English is an important factor for participation.

The most important thing is that each partner decides to take part in the retreat.

They should be prepared to question old habits and see sex with completely new eyes.

The Making Love Retreat is suitable for couples of all ages (we have had 20 year olds as well as 75 year olds attend), regardless of how long they have been together.

It may be helpful to read books by Diana Richardson to get a feel for the content of the seminar.

What is the approach of Making Love?

All exercises, meditations and the knowledge we share with you are designed for reawakening and promoting presence & awareness in your own body.

We show the difference between ‘conventional’ sex – with tension, seduction, intense stimulation and climax – and ‘conscious’ sex in an environment of warm, loving, fulfilling relaxation that has no goal orientation.

Through this retreat, participants can experience a deep journey of healing.

Who is Diana & Michael Richardson?

Diana & Michael Richardson

Also known as Puja and Raja Richardson, their interest in sex, healing and meditation initiated a journey into the world of Tantra – the union of sex and meditation that has changed the course of her life. She has written several books on the subject of conscious sex. Puja and her partner Raja have now been successfully leading the Making Love Retreats for years, where they pass on this knowledge. This work, teached by Max & Jasmin Muzio (authorized teacher), is what you will experience when you book a retreat over this site.

What benefits does the Making Love Retreats offer us?

The nourishing retreat days provide many good insights, experiences and tools to preserve and grow the precious gift of love in everyday life.

Finding new, conscious ways in sex and exploring them together has a positive effect on all levels of life.

In this retreat, we don’t teach techniques but an attitude and a new approach to body awareness. Therefore, we have no secret recipes for quick happiness, healing emotional wounds or trauma.

Relaxed sexuality brings very deep healing and relaxation. However, it will not solve all relationship problems on its own.

Can I attend the retreat as a single person?

The embodiment of the material taught is only possible as a couple.

It is therefore not possible to attend the Making Love Retreat alone.

However, we do offer individual and couples counselling and support, based on our training in SE (Somatic Experiencing / trauma therapy) and our work and experience as adult educators in the field of sexuality.

Please click here to contact us over the form if you are interested.

Is the offer only aimed at heterosexual couples?

In the retreat we work with the body’s own male and female polarities. This is a subject area that can only be experienced in direct embodiment.

Our offer is therefore aimed exclusively at heterosexual couples (a couple with one male body and one female body), because neither Diana and Michael Richardson nor we have had any experience of this and teaching in this area would not be authentic.

We are always very happy when people with expanded sexual orientation and constellations get in touch with us and share their experiences with us.


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